Good Samaritan Returns 7-Year-Old’s Teddy Bear With Late Mother’s Voice Recording

A family who took a family trip made many happy memories but left one important memory behind.

The family from Nova Scotia, Canada, went to Airdrie for vacation, and lost a backpack with a stuffed teddy bear at the Nose Creek Park.

The teddy bear was no ordinary one as it had a link to 7-year-old Duncan MacMaster’s mother. His mother had passed away, and the bear had a recording of her voice made just for him.

So when the family realized the backpack with the teddy bear was missing, Duncan’s stepmom, Ranelle MacMaster, took to Facebook with an appeal.

Posted by Ranelle MacMaster on Saturday, August 17, 2019

Another mother who visited the park with her son spotted the abandoned backpack. Heidi Erickson, a local, recollected the familiar backpack from rememberance.

“There was no backpack where I found it when I dropped them off, but when I returned, this backpack was hanging on a post,” Erickson said. “I saw it and thought that looks so familiar, but I knew it wasn’t my kid’s backpack. It occurred to me that maybe it was the backpack from this story. I went and opened it and the bear was inside. I was in such disbelief.”

She’d seen the MacMaster’s story and that finding the backpack and its meaningful contents “was really exciting.” her 13-year-old son, Joshua, confirmed the bear was indeed Duncan’s. “He squeezed on the tummy and we heard the message, and … all of us teared up,” Erickson said. “It was really very personal, but very beautiful.”

They got in touch with the family and assured them that the teddy bear was with them and even took photos of the bear at various local attractions to add charm to the story.

Duncan was very happy to get his possessions back, especially since they were told that it was impossible to get the stuffed animal back, “I’m really happy,” the 7-year-old said. “I was feeling really sad for a few days because I missed my Momma Bear.”

Many have appreciated and praised Erickson for the part she played in the happy reunion, but she says she doesn’t want any recognition, but instead wants Duncan’s moms to be recognized. “The real heroes of this story are Duncan’s moms,” she said. “His birth mom, who cared enough to leave that message for her son before she passed, and also his stepmom, who cared enough to keep that memory alive, who cared enough to reach out to a community to find this bear.”

This cute story has melted our hearts and our faith in humanity has been restored by Erickson and her son’s act of kindness towards Duncan and his family.

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