This 88-Year-Old School Crossing Guard Has Been Protecting Louisville kids For 50 Years

Crossing guard, Naomi Thomas has spent 50 years of her life at the corner of Smyrna Parkway and Outer Loop.

Her smiling face, holding a stop sign and wearing a reflective vest has helped keep kids safe on their way to school.

“I’ve wiped tears, tied shoes, given out lunch money,” Thomas said.

“Miss Thomas has graced this community with 50 years of service,” LMPD Chief Steve Conrad shared with a crowd during the celebration.

Among the hugs, speech from members of her hometown and stories from the streets and about her life, Thomas said “Some are good stories, and some are bad stories.”

Even after losing her husband a day after their 50th anniversary, and Thomas too being hit by a truck in the 1980s, her right hand, thigh and hip being injured, she bravely returned to her crosswalk just three days later.

“You are one tough character,” Conrad said to Thomas. “Even I would’ve taken a week off.”

We need more people like Miss Thomas on our streets, she is a perfect example for each of the kids she serves.

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