6-Year-Old Tap Dancer Wows with Legendary Performer

6-year-old tap dancer Luke Spring stole the show at the D.C. Tap Festival with a captivating performance alongside professional Justin M. Lewis. This young prodigy from Ashburn, already seen as the future of American tap dancing, impressed with his remarkable talent and confidence.

Luke Spring tap dancer

Luke’s love for tap dancing began with a simple curiosity for his sister’s dance shoes. It wasn’t long before his natural rhythm, initially showcased on a drum kit, translated seamlessly into tap. Recognizing his potential, his mother enrolled him in dance classes with Lewis in 2009.

The festival video highlights Luke’s extraordinary skills. Despite his young age, he danced with the poise of a seasoned professional, matching Lewis step for step. Their performance bridged the gap between experience and youth, proving that passion and talent know no age.

Apart from tap, Luke is adept in other dance forms like hip-hop, jazz, and lyrical dancing. His diverse skills led him to take a break from school for his Broadway debut in “A Christmas Story: The Musical,” followed by a tour in fall 2013.

WATCH: 6-Year-Old Tap Dancer Luke Spring Performs with Justin M. Lewis