Baby Girl Born Twice Has A Story You Have To See To Believe

Lynlee Boemer just celebrated her first birthday, but this adorable baby girl has one incredible story. She was born twice!. (video below)

Margaret Boemer, a Texas mom went for a routine ultrasound when she was 16 weeks pregnant. But she got a heartbreaking news from the doctors that her baby girl had a life-threatening tumor on her tailbone. The tumor was also growing as the baby grows by robbing the blood supply. And it was causing the baby’s heart to shut down. Doctors gave the couple two options, Either they could let their baby die, or allow doctors to perform a risky operation to save the baby’s life. The heartbroken parents wanted to give their baby the best chance she had at survival, no matter how slim the odds. So they decided to go with the surgery.

Doctors brought Lynlee Boemer into the world for 20 minutes via c-section. They removed her tumor and carefully placed her back in her mother’s womb. Twelve weeks later, the miracle baby born again as a healthy baby via c-section. God has big plans for this sweet little girl. Lynlee Boemer celebrated her first birthday defying all odds.

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