Man Buys Dinner For Four Alabama Police Officers

With all the gloom and doom in the country, there are still some beautiful rays of hope around us.

Recently when Garrett Cotton of Sierra Vista, Alabama, visited a local Cracker Barrel restaurant this week, he saw a middle-aged black man buy dinner for four police officers seated nearby.


“There are [four] officers behind us eating,” Cotton recalled. “And this middle-aged black man came over and asked for their tickets and said he was paying for their meals. He wouldn’t take no as an answer from them. He then thanked them for their public service and wished them a safe day on the job.”

“Every officer stood up and thanked the man while shaking his hand,” he added.

Moments like these need to be highlighted even though our social media is littered with footage of protesting and rioting, looting and destruction.

“With all the craziness in the world right now, all the hatred and people being divisive,” Cotton wrote, “it’s a good thing to see stuff like this. It’s also a good reminder that we are all human and not to ever judge anyone by their uniform or skin color.”


Peaceful protests are going on, which are good, but the violence and riots should be condemned.

Through the protests, we can see people of all color, creed, and race coming together even as our country is coming to grips with the issue of racial injustice.


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