Bride And Nurses Spring Into Action To Save Man Having Heart Attack At Wedding

Timely actions of a bride and her nurse friends saved a man from dying by a heart attack at a wedding.


The bride, Micaela Johnson, an ER nurse along with five of her friends all working as an ER nurse in Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Boston jumped into action as soon as they saw the man on the floor, flailing, having suffered from a heart attack also known as the ‘widow maker’.

“We were dancing and I heard somebody screaming for the band to stop playing the music.” Micaela said.

“He wasn’t the right color, he wasn’t breathing properly and so they went in and did a quick assessment and started doing CPR on him.” she explained.

“It was chaos, but like a controlled chaos among us as a group.” said Amanda Berger, one of the attending nurses.

The nurses applied a defibrillator on the man’s chest, performed CPR and managed to keep him alive until an ambulance arrived and he was taken to hospital.

The bride recounted that the man would not have been alive. Had the heart attack happened elsewhere. He was lucky that it happened at the wedding of the bride, surrounded by professional nurses, whose timely intervention saved his life.

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