Hero Man Jumps Off 26-Foot Riverbank to Save Young Girl from Drowning

A Chinese man risked his life to save a young girl from drowning. Luo Jinzhi, the courageous savior, jumped off a 26-foot-high riverbank without a second thought, plunging into the fast-flowing water below to bring the girl to safety.

man jumps off riverbank

The incident unfolded in a gripping scene as a young girl found herself in a dangerous situation after apparently slipping into the river. Struggling to stay afloat, she seemed to have little time left, drawing attention from onlookers who watched helplessly—until Jinzhi took action.

Captured on video, Jinzhi can be seen quickly swimming toward the young girl, who appeared to be face down in the water at the time. With determined strokes, he reached her, grasped her firmly, and swam back to the riverbank where anxious onlookers waited.

Witnesses at the scene assisted in the rescue efforts, using a rope to help pull the girl to safety.

Subsequently, the girl was taken to the hospital for medical checks. Thankfully, no injuries were reported from the incident.

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