Man Rescues Stranded Deer On Frozen Pond By Pushing It To Safety

We can judge the heart of a man by the way he treats animals, and we can say that this Wisconsin man definitely had a heart of gold.

The man was spotted rescuing a stranded deer in the middle of a frozen reservoir. The animal wasn’t able to walk and kept sliding on the ice.

Gil Lancour of Wisconsin walked on thin ice and gently slid the animal over the surface until they made it to solid ground.


The Wisconsin Rapids native discovered the lone deer sitting solitary on the icy pond. The animal kept sliding every time it tried to stand up.

Gil gently placed his hands on the deer to calm it down and then started sliding it along the ice till they reached solid ground and the deer was able to stand up on its own.


The animal was relieved to be able to stand up on its own and ran as fast as it can from the horrible ordeal it found its self in.

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Lenore Casswell

So sweet! Anyone else would’ve taken her home for dinner, well done.:)

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