Atheist Spends 5 Years Trying to Prove God Doesn’t Exist, Ends Up Devoting Life to Jesus

Marc Lozano’s story is not just about the transformation from atheism to faith; it’s about a journey of the soul. Born into a family of lukewarm Catholics, Marc declared his atheism early in life. But as the saying goes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

marc lozano testimony

Marc’s atheism thrived in a climate of scientific supremacy and secular ideologies. “Science had done away with God,” and all those who embraced religion were “talking some nonsense,” Marc contended. His aversion to the concept of faith was deeply rooted in his mind, where skepticism held sway. But little did Marc know that his steadfast disbelief was about to encounter an unexpected challenge.

The first phase of this challenge came in the form of two individuals who were as devout in their Christian beliefs as Marc was in his atheism. During his years at Florida Southern College, his coach, a devout Protestant Christian minister who persistently urged Marc to attend church.

Despite the coach’s relentless persuasion, Marc remained unmoved, skeptical of the Bible’s validity. He stated, “You believe in this book that was written 2,000 years ago and Old Testament 6,000 years ago. Most people can’t keep their story straight when they tell their best friend what happened to him yesterday.”

The second influence was Taylor, his then-girlfriend and later wife. Unlike Marc, Taylor’s Catholic faith was firmly rooted not just in her mind, but also in her heart. Raised Catholic, she had nurtured her faith with conviction and sincerity, which served as a stark contrast to Marc’s dismissive attitude towards religion.

Despite the disparity in their beliefs, their relationship blossomed. However, as their bond deepened, Marc could not ignore the spiritual rift that existed between them. Determined to rectify this, he decided he would prove to Taylor that God didn’t exist.

Armed with an insatiable reading habit and a thirst for knowledge, he embarked on a five-year-long intellectual journey to negate faith. His reading list spanned Augustine’s writings to Summa Theologica, the Bible to the Quran, and the tenets of Buddhism.

Throughout this journey, Marc achieved much in the material world. He graduated, secured a dream job with the NBA, and married his beloved, Taylor. However, his pursuit of disproving God had an ironic twist. As St. Augustine once wrote, “Our hearts are restless till they find rest in Thee.” Marc felt a deep restlessness despite his successes, for his heart wasn’t resting in God.

This realization combined with a philosophical argument about the essence of existence led him to reconsider his stance. He stated, “If existence exists, the essence of existence exists… And if the essence of existence has no potentiality, it basically has the attributes of God. Therefore, if existence exists, God exists.”

Thus, after years of trying to disprove God’s existence, Marc found himself a “reluctant convert.” He hesitated to embrace prayer, not out of fear that his prayers wouldn’t be answered, but out of the conviction that they would. “I knew that once I prayed…there would be no way to plead ignorance moving forward. I’d have to admit I’d failed to prove God didn’t exist,” Marc confessed. And admit he did.

Marc’s newfound faith caused significant changes in his life. He felt compelled to leave his job at the NBA due to moral conflicts. “I saw the organization move in a direction and support activities counter to my new moral code-fostering idol worship and supporting CRT and transgenderism for children,” he revealed.

Today, Marc owns Christ Centered Capital, a platform that guides Christian investors towards biblically sound companies. He offers his services for free, emphasizing that the love of money can become a significant barrier to entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

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