86-Year-Old Woman Sinks 94-Foot Putt To Win A New Car

An 86-year-old lady who was struggling to see the hole stunned people with a classic 94-foot-putt to win a brand new car.


“Where’s the hole?” said octogenarian, Mary Ann Wakefield, as she sent the Ole Miss Pavilion into a frenzy on Saturday night. She couldn’t even see the flag, but was successful on her first effort, on a surface she was very unlikely to have ever golfed on before.

The video was shared by Ole Miss Athletics, showed her straining her eyes to see the tiny target, the full length of the basketball court away. “Where’s the hole?” she asks. “Right at the bottom of that flag, yes ma’am,” the announcer replies, probably not full of confidence. “Let’s see what she’s got!”

But as Mary Ann struck the shot with a sharp tap. “Tell ya what, that’s looking good….. that’s looking really good….. OH! MISS MARY ANN!” Fans rejoiced as the ball disappeared into the hole, with Ole Miss mascot Tony the Landshark the first to congratulate her with a huge hug.

Watch: 86-Year-Old Sinks 94-Foot Putt To Win A New Car

“She just won a brand new 2020 Nissan Altima!” the announcer roars. “Rebel Nation: Miss Mary Anne!”

Mary Anne’s win turned out to be a heartening news for the University of Mississippi home fans on the night they got hammered by Alabama 103-78, their third consecutive loss.


On Sunday morning, Ole Miss athletic director Keith Carter tweeted his congratulations on her prize from Cannon Motors: “Congrats to Mary Ann! What an incredible moment! Enjoy your new car,” he wrote. Meanwhile US pro golfer Kyle Thompson joked on Twitter: “I’d still be on tour with Mary Ann Wakefield putting for me.”