Woman Shares a Powerful Testimony About God’s Redemption

Last Saturday, FaithPot received a Facebook message from a user Mary Priddy. And it’s a powerful testimony about how God redeemed her from the life of sin.

“I was prostituting and addicted to drugs over 13 years ago. I was addicted to drugs and one thing led to another and before I knew it I was working in spas and then got deeper into the web and I was escorting then being pimped and walking streets.

I was lost for so long in the darkness and I just gave up and into the pain.

I was rescued by prayers of loved ones and crying out to God on the floor of a crack house and he met me there!
The years that followed were so hard because I was so afraid and I did not dare trust men any man! If I was in a group of people for to long and it was quiet I would have a panic attack and have to Leave because when I was in the darkness, the people would intentionally get me high and bad things happened or I would be so out of it laying down and things would happen and I would just pretend I was passed out because I didn’t have the strength to fight.

I had to learn to think for myself again and I didn’t realize how long it had been since anyone asked me what I wanted instead of deciding for me but it had been so many years.

There were a few times I returned to the clubs and partying and sex because that was all I knew for so long!
I am finally able to be independent with my thoughts and actions and don’t have to keep asking people “is that ok” before doing something.

I finally know that I have more to offer this world than my body and I can be around men and not think that’s all they want.

I still live in the same town all the destruction and being a prisoner happened. I drive on the streets I prostituted on everyday and all I can say is the Grace of God is more powerful than anything the enemy can ever do to us!

Because of the love of God that I was finally at a place in my life few years ago to receive this love, because to me love was sex and I could not tell the difference. But one day He broke through and I felt love! I have never felt love from a man so I am not sure if this is what it feels like but I know it made me feel powerful like I could do anything and comforted like a child all at same time.

So the road to redemption and freedom after you have been a prisoner in the drugs and sex trade is a long and painful one, but once you get past all the hurt and woundings you received and your able to look in the mirror and not cry, that is to me Freedom and Love of God in the purest sense!

I’m sharing this because right now there is such a war on our young generation! The war is over their identity! If they don’t have someone in their life to speak life into them and tell them who they are in Christ then the world and the enemy will quickly tell them who they are!

Such a tender age! They are hungry so hungry for realness and authenticity to be loved and belong!

We have to be that voice of Love speaking into them!!! We have to!

One word of love will speak life into a young person and will ignite the flame within that will lead them to seek out their true identity in Christ! MP

**Please Share!! It’s all about sharing the Redemptive Power of Gods love that will awaken dry bones, set captives free, and resurrect Hope in so many!**”

Mary Priddy