Mexican-American Family Ecstatic After Daughter Gets Accepted To Four Ivy League Universities

High school student Stephany Gutierrez and her family in Santa Ana, California, were excited as Stephanie received four acceptances to Ivy League universities.


Gutierrez’s parents were undocumented immigrants from Mexico, and now she has been accepted to Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, and Harvard.

She said she chose to attend Harvard, “It was a moment of both disbelief and excitement as I opened up acceptance after acceptance,” Gutierrez said.

“I am Mexican-American; both my parents are from Guerrero, Mexico. We are a family of five. I have an older brother currently enrolled in college and a younger sister in middle school. In the future, I hope to obtain my JD degree and become a pro-bono attorney serving my community.”

Stephany Gutierrez was praised online by members of the Mexican-American community who hailed her as an example and said she made them so proud.

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