Man Uses Ping Pong Balls And Water To Share A Powerful Message

A young Pastor from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been winning praise from the online community for using a pitcher of water and orange ping pong balls to show his congregation what having Jesus in their lives would do.

Pastor Michael Todd, lead pastor at Transformation Church in Tulsa, knows how to drive home a point and make people listen to him when he speaks.

Since 2015, Todd has been leading Transformation Church full time with his wife, Natalie Todd, and their staff members.

More than 15 million people have already seen the clip of Todd talking to his listeners about the importance of regularly immersing themselves in God’s word, because according to him, a-once-in-a-while encounter with Jesus is not enough.

For spiritual growth, one needs to read the Bible everyday even if on some days you don’t feel like it.

Todd holds the pitcher and pours the water on top of the tower of ping pong balls that were stuffed inside a clear container the water, he says, represents the living water of God.

The ping pong balls are the junk in our lives, our messed up identities, struggles, and idols. This junk can only be cleaned up when we daily immerse in God’s word.

“There’s some point that the things in our life, that have been defining us, starts to be overtaken,” Todd said, as he pours more and more water over the ping pong balls.

The water slowly pushes the ping pong balls to the surface of the container, causing them to spill out.

This visual representation proves the fact that when we fill our lives with the word of God, what the world says about us, will not matter again.

“See, where my identity was, from people,” Todd said, “it starts to become defined by God.”

Thank you Pastor Todd for teaching us about the importance of the word in our lives and how Jesus can take away all the junk from our lives.

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Suzanne Russell

Wow! Love it and it is SOOOOOO true!

Sanmi Falae

I don’t know -and don’t want to know- how some Christians go through this sin-and-demon- possessed- world a whole day without STUDYING -not reading- the Word of God. Perhaps because God shelters them from seeing or experiencing the REAL SPIRITUAL WARFARE some Christians wage almost on a daily basis. God help us all.

Green Mtn Boy

Nicely done! Great message delivered in a way that young children to the older, can see and hear an important lesson! We ultimately are all a product of the things we allow into our minds and hearts.

Andrew Lo

It’s a beautiful analogy!!


POWERFUL WORDS – awesome life lesson. Thank you for preaching the truth.

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