Pro Surfer Heroically Saves Swimmer Caught In Ocean Current

A pro-surfer is being called a “living legend” after he saved the life of a woman in the ocean in Hawaii.


Mikey Wright was caught on video rescuing the woman after he noticed her being swept away by the waves there.

An Instagram video, filmed by the 24-year-old at first shows people on the beach struggling to rescue her.

Professional surfer Mikey Wright, then leapt into the dangerous water to save a person from being sucked into the sea.

The surfer from Australia, was in Hawaii to compete in the Pipeline Masters when he saw the terrifying scene.

“Oh no! He’s getting dragged out,” one person said.

“Hey he’s gonna get … he’s gonna get saved,” said another, presumably Mikey.

The same voice then said “hey hold this,” to which the other replied, “you can’t save him!”

Mikey launches himself into the water and swims to the person stuck in the swell. He grabbed them and start hauling them back to shore, even as the pair were buffeted by waves.

As they came closer to the beach other bystanders grabbed them and helped anchor them.

Mikey’s sister, Tyler, took to social media along with Mikey and shared clips of the rescue captioning them simply, “Hold my beer.”

“You’re a living legend,” Hawaiian surfer Ezekiel Lau said on Instagram.

Watch the dramatic rescue video below

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