Military Dad Surprises Wife And Meets Baby Girl For The First Time

Military Family reunion videos are highly emotional and can make you cry as you see deployed family members meeting their families after long gaps away from home.

One clip that is melting hearts all over the USA is of a homecoming military husband who surprised his wife and saw his baby daughter for the first time, while recording live on “Good Morning America.”

Cassie Whelan was live on GMA with her baby daughter and thought that her husband, Josh Sarpu, on Skype was talking to her on Skype from a military base in Texas, but was shocked when she saw him coming out from behind a wall after he said, ‘I Love You.’

Sarpu decided he had had enough and wanted to come out from behind the wall and made a grand entrance.

He immediately hugged his wife and held his baby daughter, Savanna Belle Sarpu, for the very first time in his life.

The first time mom, Cassie was caught completely off guard as she said, “I thought I would spend [Mother’s Day] alone,” the first time mom said. “It’s going to be even better now.”

Exactly a year ago, Sarpu, a medevac crew chief for the National Guard, had been deployed on active duty in Iraq. Whelan was at that time, six months pregnant with their first baby.

Stephanie Fuschetti, Whelan’s best friend said, “It’s definitely tough to not know day to day … and not really be able to understand where he is and what he’s doing.”

Cassie’s brother, Sean Whelan, said that Sarpu’s deployment was “definitely hard on her” at the time, “She was alone,” he said.

As Sarpu was away during her last trimester, and missed the birth of Savanna, her mom, brother and friends were there for her.

Cassie plastered pictures of her husband all over the baby’s crib in the hospital, as she wanted Savanna and the doctors to know who the father was.

Fuschetti was all praise for Cassie Whelan, as she said that she jumped right into motherhood and devoted everything to Savanna.

They faced a terrible phase when at 4 months old, Savanna’s eyes became swollen shut, Sean Whelan said, Cassie was hit the most as Josh was not with her.

But she did not allow it to affect her and Savanna made a full recovery.

Cassie also made sure that she kept Savannah and her dad connected even though he was thousands of miles away and used to play recordings of Sarpu’s voice when Savanna would cry and that would make her stop.

Cassie Whelan’s friends and family wanted to express how thankful and proud they were of her on Mother’s Day. Sean said that they were all there for her and were so proud of what she has done.

Fuschetti said, she was proud of Cassie as she was a strong and independent mom and that she and Savannah are literally inseparable.