2 Young Kids Surprised At Baseball Game By Dad After Return From Year Long Deployment

It’s always difficult for the families of service men and women, but its particularly hard for the children who miss their parents a lot as they are absent for long periods of times.

Two little boys did not know what they had bargained for at the Cleveland Indians game they had gone to watch.

The older boy, Sasha ran up on to the stage thinking he was going to play the “Deal or No Deal” game between innings.

Sasha’s younger brother Jonah was standing at the side rooting for him, but little did they know what was going to hit them.

Suddenly the announcer took to the mike to say a big thank you to Tim Lieb, USCG Chief Petty Officer, for his great service to the country and also welcomed him back home.

She then told Sasha to look at the video board, where his dad, Tim Lieb left a message for them along with advice on how to win money in the “Deal or No Deal” game.

He continued saying that he was sorry he could not be there with them but cryptically told them to pick the letter, ‘K.'”

Sasha chose “K” to take off the board, and picked “Y” box to see what prize was inside, it was a sign saying “I’m home!!”

What Sasha and Jonah turned around to see was definitely bigger than any prize and more precious than all the money in the box: it was his dad who was present in person.

The boys got a tight hug from their dad and a big applause from the crowd.

And that wasn’t all, Key Bank still did give them $1,000. It was definitely a night to remember.

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