Police Officer Hailed As ‘Hero’ For Saving Choking 3-Week-Old Baby

A Michigan police officer has proved yet again that all cops aren’t the same, and that there are those who go above and beyond to help people.


Officer Cameron Maciejewski pulled off a daring rescue of a 3-week-old baby who was choking to death.

The Sterling Heights Police Department said that he arrived ay the house at 10:45 p.m. last Thursday and the panicked family rushed to him carrying the 3-week-old child, who was not breathing.

The dramatic footage captured by the dashcam shows Maciejewski taking the baby in his arms and, while remaining calm, performed back thrusts on the child and clearing her airway. The baby’s mother is seen collapsing in tears after the baby began to cry.

“Yep, there you go … She’s got a pulse and she’s breathing, OK?” he said, assuring the distraught family members that the baby would make it.

He also briefed paramedics before the baby was taken to hospital for evaluation, police said. “If it wasn’t for Ofc. Maciejewski’s quick, calm, lifesaving actions, the outcome of this incident could have been tragically different,” Sterling Heights Police Department said.

“Not only did the officer save the baby, but the officer did an outstanding job consoling the family.”

If it weren’t for police officer Cameron Maciejewski, we cannot imagine what would have been the condition of the baby and the family.

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