Military Sister Surprises Little Girl During Christmas Program At School

Christmas cam early for Natalie Stroud when Santa Claus blew her mind at her third-grade recital with a very special announcement.

As Natalie’s recital began, everyone could hear “Ho, ho, ho” being bellowed in the auditorium and in walked Santa from the adjacent hallway. He asked “Do you have a Natalie Stroud singing here?” and added, “We have a big surprise for Natalie!”

Santa then walked off leaving Natalie feeling nervous because she didn’t know the plan her mother, the school principal, the man inside the costume, and her music teacher had orchestrated to give her a dream Christmas surprise.

Natalie’s older sister, Kylee, had been away from them all for months, as she was in the United States Air Force and was stationed hundreds of miles away. But Natalie did not know that in just a few minutes she would meet her. After Santa left the stage, her music teacher pulled a little red wagon with a huge Christmas gift waiting inside.

The audience were able to see what exactly was inside the half-opened box, but Natalie couldn’t gauge what was happening, as she peeked over the big, white bow she spied a familiar face she had seen only through video chat and random pictures — her infant niece. She had tears in her eyes seeing her darling niece, but she also understood that if her niece was here then Kylee would not be far away.

Kylee was waiting behind the stage curtain watching the entire scene unfold before her very eyes. She then stepped out to hug her little sister for the first time in months.

It was the best Christmas gift for her as her sister was home for Christmas. “She said she didn’t need anything else for Christmas,” Natalie’s mother said, “because sissy was home.”

Military reunion videos are so touching and special especially when it is around this time of the year.

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