Alabama Responders Find Loyal Dog Protecting Missing 4-Year-Old Girl After She Disappeared For 48 Hours In The Woods

When a 4-year-old girl from Alabama disappeared for 48 hours, a faithful pal protected her and made sure she was safe in the woods.

Vadie Sides

The girl had disappeared on Wednesday and was found less than a mile from where she wandered off on Friday afternoon. She was safe and sound in the company of her faithful dog.

Vadie Sides had gone missing after she wandered away from a babysitter who is in her 70s, while in the backyard.

Vadie hails from the small community of Loachapoka, west of Auburn, and was found in the woods by authorities who had bee searching for her.


Hundreds of law enforcement officers from multiple agencies were helping in the search for the little girl along with drones and horses.

Her dog was still with her but ran off as rescuers approached. ‘One of the volunteers that was probably 50 yards to my right … heard a dog bark,’ one rescuer said. ‘The dog was actually kind of spooked and came at the man a little bit and then saw the line of about 30 of us, and the dog turned around and went down the hill.’

Volunteers followed the dog who was rescued after Vadie. ‘Praise God Vadie was there, she popped her head up, we saw her little red hair,’ one rescuer said. ‘I’ll tell you what, she was scratched up on the knees and the forearms but otherwise in great spirits, she was just talking like ‘no big deal’ … it’s truly a miracle.’


Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said the girl was with a dog at her side after spending 48 hours in the woods. Authorities said the girl wandered away from a sitter while in a backyard.

Vadie’s family were delighted to meet her as soon as she was found. ‘I’m so happy and grateful to God for watching over my beautiful granddaughter and bringing her safely back to us,” said Vadie’s grandmother, Harriet Sides.


Lee County sheriff’s officials too shared their joy of finding Vadie safe and sound, ‘No words are capable of describing everyone’s relief,’ Sheriff Jay Jones said.

‘We are just, ecstatic might be a good word. She is in good shape, she is responsive, she is talking, she’s alert. She is in good physical condition, and the best part is she is with her mama.

Sheriff Jones said all the volunteers were there to help find the little girl. ‘Our thanks just don’t seem like enough, but they have our sincere and heartfelt thanks for the sacrifices they made,’ Jones said.


‘Several volunteers said this is such good news at a time when we need it’ Jones said, ‘…and I couldn’t agree more. This was really good, solid, positive news in a time when I think people need it the most, with all the medical concerns going on.’

The dog wasn’t present when Vadie was found, but later came home on its own.

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