Mom Skips Commencement To Attend Son’s Graduation, Gets Surprise Degree

A mom who skipped her own graduation ceremony in favor of her son’s ceremony, got the surprise of her life.

Saturday was a big milestone day for Sharonda Wilson as she was graduating from Ferris State University, but it was also the same day when her son was going to be graduating from Central Michigan University.

So When CMU President Bob Davies found out, he got in touch with the president of Ferris State, so that he could present the degree on his behalf.

Her son, Stephan surprised her with a cap when her name was called.

“Please move your tassel from your right to your left,” Davies told Wilson to a rapturous crowd applause.

“Dr. Davies really shocked me. I told a friend of mine that (my) mom was skipping her graduation to be with me, and she used her magic to help Dr. Davies orchestrate that moment,” he said.

“When I heard (she) was getting her degree with me I was speechless. My mother is truly the strongest and most compassionate woman I know. That moment tops (any) other moment I have ever shared with my mother.”

That was a sure shocker for Sharonda, but it would not have been possible without the support of both the University Presidents.

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