Mom’s Story About His Son With Down Syndrome Is Inspiring!

Oakley Peterson and her husband Scott were so excited to welcome their first baby boy in the family. Soon after his birth, mom noticed the nurses whispering something. She realized it’s related to her baby. Moments later, a nurse told her that her baby has down syndrome. Scott in tears tried to comfort his wife and it was the most heartbreaking moment of their lives. The couple met some friends at the hospital and their daughter also has down syndrome. They inspired the heartbroken parents telling them not to worry about the condition. Since then, Oakley and Scott has been realizing how special their child is. Welles is now three-years-old, smart, active and happy toddler than any other normal children. There are many myths about down syndrome, but this beautiful family has proved, it’s not a condition to bring you down, but a challenge to make you a little more stronger.

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