Woman Finds $36,000 Inside Free Couch And Her Reaction Is So Inspiring

There are many stories on the internet of new homeowners finding bundles of cash concealed in the walls and furniture of the house they bought, but this one ends differently.

Vicky Omodu, a grandmother and new homeowner had just moved into her new house but did not have any furniture. So she placed an ad on Craigslist to get some home furnishing.


The California resident was contacted by a family who wanted to give away a bedroom set and sofa to the delight of Omodu. “I just moved in, and I don’t have anything in my house,” she said. “I was so excited, so we picked it up and brought it in.”

The joy of getting her home set up and getting furniture to make it look good made Vicky elated, but it was during that time she realized there was something odd about the couch cushions.

The devout Christian found $36,000 hidden in the cushion of the couch but wasn’t tempted to keep it for herself. She said, “I was just telling my son, ‘Come, come, come!’” she recalled. “I was screaming, ‘This is money!’”

She decided to stand on her faith and call up the owners of the furniture to return the money. “God has been kind to me and my children; they’re all alive and well,” she said. “I have three beautiful grandchildren, so what can I ever ask from God?”

The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:24, that no one can serve two masters, we can either serve God or mammon and Omodu decided to serve the living God who is the owner of all things.

She called up the family who had given her the furniture to tell them about what she had found inside the couch and they too were stunned because it belonged to a relative who had passed away and they had found cash earlier too but not as much as Umodu found.

Umodu wasn’t expecting anything in return but as a token of appreciation for Umodu, the family bought her a new refrigerator and gave her $2,200.

In life, it is so important to do the right thing in the eyes of God, just like Umodu did when she found the cash. She could have been tempted to keep the whole amount for herself but she stood on her faith as a true Christian.


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