Man Came To US With A Mission To Convert Americans To Islam, Now He’s Preaching About Jesus

A life altering journey like of Paul the Apostle was Al Fadi’s journey from Saudi Arabia to America. His mission to convert Americans to Islam was steered in the opposite way as he encountered Jesus Christ.

Professor Al Fadi, Arizona Christian University

Al fadi grew up in Saudi Arabia, the epicenter of Islam and was taught that, sacrificing his life for Allah in the holy war against the non-believers was the highest order of gift to Allah that will get him heaven.

He came to America with two objectives, pursue his higher education and convert Americans to Islam. He could not have seen in his wildest dreams, what the God of the Bible had in store for him.

Al Fadi was befriended by an American couple when he joined an international student program to learn more about American culture and also improve his English. He took this as an opportunity to fulfill both of his objectives simultaneously.

Little did he know, God was going to use the American couple who were devout followers of Christ to bring him to Christ. Soon, the thirst and hunger for Jesus grew in Al Fadi’s heart as his relationship with the couple grew.

He realize the stark difference between the god of Islam and the God of the Bible. Allah wanted his life as a sacrifice and forgiveness of his sins so that he will get to heaven. But the God of the Bible gave His only son to die for humanity’s sin and promises to give eternal life to all who recieve Jesus Christ into their lives.

Realising this truth, Al Fadi fell on his knees, and asked Jesus to be His Lord and saviour. He felt a freedom like no other as He committed his life to Jesus Christ, the son of God.

From then on, he has committed his life to learning the word of God and is on a mission to reach out to the Muslims with the truth about Jesus Christ and what He has done for him.

Mr.Al Fadi is now, currently serving as a Professor in Arizona Christian University.

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