11-Year-Old Violinist Plays Beautiful Cover Of ‘My Heart Will Go On’

Violin prodigy Karolina Protsenko brought some much-needed cheer with a violin performance from the movie Titanic’s ‘My Heart Will Go On.’

Karolina Protsenko plays ‘My Heart Will Go On’

The 11-year-old shared the video of her violin performance recorded in Santa Monica some weeks before quarantine started.

The song is ‘My Heart Will Go On’ sung by Celine Dion from the movie ‘Titanic.’

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Kathleen Graese

This young lady is amazing..this brought tears to my eyes…thank you for sharing …what a nice thing to watch early in the morning to get my day going….Bless you sweetheart and much thanks

Lois L. Van Broekhoven

Cease the political crap or I’ll unsubscribe.

Lenore Casswell

What a talented young lady, so beautiful. Loved the song. Well done! 🙂

margaret Ingham

absolutely beautiful very talented

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