Woman Who Beat Cancer Welcomed Home With Surprise Street Party From Niece

In our world today, many are losing their battle with cancer, and they pass away with nobody remembering them.

For those that are able to overcome and win the battle with cancer should be celebrated and made to feel special by their friends and family.

This woman successfully completed the last round of her chemo treatment and was celebrated and treated to a surprise street party by her niece.

Cristina Muneton is a 58 years old ovarian cancer patient, and after completing her last chemotherapy, when she was returning back home to her family in Jacksonville in Florida, she could not believe her eyes when she received a rousing welcome to celebratory street parade by her family and friends.

This surprise treat was arranged by her niece Belkis Plata, 32. There were family members, church friends and community members who held colorful balloons, hand written  signs and sand Spanish celebratory songs to make her feel special.

Belkis wanted to welcome her aunt Cristina back home with a rousing reception after she had successfully battled this dreaded disease and with the help of family and church friends she was able to put it together.