He Just Listened to His Wife’s Simple Advice and Became a Multi-Millionaire

A New Jersey man’s decision to follow his wife’s advice has led him to become a multi-millionaire.

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Tayeb Souami, a 56-year-old resident of Little Ferry, New Jersey, experienced a life-changing moment that began with a simple task: returning a bottle of orange juice.

On May 1, the day of the Powerball drawing, Souami had bought orange juice for $5 at a ShopRite in Hackensack. However, his wife pointed out that it was on sale for half the price elsewhere. Heeding her advice, Souami returned the juice. While at the customer service counter, he was drawn to a Powerball sign displaying a $306 million prize. “I like the number,” Souami recalled thinking, which led him to buy two lottery tickets with the refunded money.

The next day, his life changed forever. Souami, planning to work in his backyard, first decided to wash his car. At a red light, he noticed a 7-Eleven and decided to check his lottery tickets. The first ticket wasn’t a winner, but the second prompted a surprising reaction from the cashier. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed upon scanning it. Confused, Souami asked for clarification. She could only say one word “big.”

It wasn’t until Souami arrived home, hands shaking and wife questioning his delayed return, that the reality of his win sank in. He was the lucky holder of a $315.3 million jackpot ticket. Souami, an accountant and father of two, expressed his emotional state at the press conference with a broad smile.

His plans are straightforward yet significant: paying off college loans, ensuring his daughter’s education, and settling his home mortgage. Souami’s win marks him as the second New Jersey resident to claim a major jackpot that year, following a $533 million Mega Millions winner.

Souami, originally from Africa, also spoke of his responsibility towards his colleagues at the food importing company where he worked. He took time to ensure their well-being before quitting his job. Now, with a heart full of gratitude and a future filled with possibilities, he humorously remarks, “I love orange juice now.”

Proverbs 16:9, “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.