Newborn Twins Holding Hands Will Warm Your Heart

An adorable video of newborn baby twins holding hands at birth will put a smile on your faces today.


The clip shared by the father shows the new born twins who were born via emergency C-section. When the mother went for her growth check, the doctor could feel the baby’s foot and decided to have the emergency c-section.

The twins were born at 36 weeks, 1 day, and one of the twins reached for the hands of the other to hold.


The baby on the left, who was born first was the stronger twin as she passed all the hospital tests, but the baby on the right was the weaker twin and was born two minutes later. She barely passed some her hospital tests, like blood sugar and her car seat test.

So the stronger twin reached out for her younger sister to comfort and give her strength.

We all can learn so much from these newborn twins who have got each other’s back right from birth. God bless them.

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