Evacuees in North Carolina Breaks Into Worship While Waiting Out Hurricane Florence

Even as Hurricane Florence continues to wreak North Carolina, some residents have decided to take this tragic period of time and change it into the best opportunity for themselves and others around them.

In a shelter, in devastated New Bern, an evacuee who is a talented singer decided to lift everyone’s spirits with the gift of her voice.

Cathy Yolanda Wright was staying at the Trent Park Elementary School which is transformed into an evacuation center now.

The 44-year-old disabled lady was rescued from her house by a local man.

Wright was singing a song about her faith at dinner and the whole dinner line at the evacuation joined in with adults and children singing along which brought a feeling of hope and to all those stranded in New Bern.

It is tragedies such as these when our faith is tested and glory to God for the faith of this woman who helped stir many more into faith through her songs. God bless her!

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