Nurses Sprang Into Action to Save a Man in Cardiac Arrest

A team of dedicated nurses saved an elderly man’s life after he collapsed at an ATM due to cardiac arrest.

nurses save man in cardiac arrest

In Melville, New York, 83-year-old Daniel Greco suddenly collapsed in full cardiac arrest while using an ATM. Nurse Kalie Kerschbaumer, who was nearby, witnessed the incident and immediately sprang into action. She rushed to a nearby office, screaming for help.

The office happened to be Northwell Health, staffed with nurse practitioners including her coworkers, Samantha Meguluevich and Whitney Sinowitz. Kalie quickly set down her toddler and ran to Greco’s side, her instincts and training guiding her in those critical moments.

Samantha and Whitney joined Kalie, and they began performing CPR on Greco, who was unresponsive and had no pulse. Their synchronized efforts kept blood and oxygen circulating in his body until paramedics arrived.

“We hear Kalie call for help, we go out there. We see a man on the floor. He’s lifeless and immediately your instincts kick in,” said Samantha. Nurse Cristina Farrell, another coworker, grabbed a defibrillator and delivered an electric shock to Greco’s heart.

Their efforts were nothing short of heroic. Daniel Greco, who had no known heart condition and had recently received a clean bill of health, later reflected on the event with disbelief and gratitude. “I see it and I still don’t believe it. I don’t know how you could thank people who saved your life,” he said.

Watching the security footage of himself collapsing was surreal for Greco. He underwent triple bypass surgery and was able to personally thank the nurses who saved his life.

Kalie, Samantha, Whitney, and Cristina’s actions are a testament to their training and their deep sense of duty and compassion. “To this day I still see Mr. Greco, something I will carry with me forever,” Kalie said.

“He didn’t have a pulse so if no one found him, he would have died,” Meguluevich said.

Greco and his wife, Bonnie, believe that the nurses gave him a second chance at life. Bonnie, his wife of 55 years, echoed his sentiment, stating that their actions were a miracle.

“We’re kind of used to it in a hospital setting, but this was a little shocking being in an office where we don’t see patients,” said Whitney. Their expertise and teamwork were pivotal in reviving Greco, showcasing the importance of being prepared to handle medical crises even outside traditional settings.

Nurse Ivonne Recupero, with an ER background, assisted by trading off CPR when needed. “I just switched off with the girls when they needed it,” she said. The entire team of nurses and hospital administrators worked together seamlessly to save Greco’s life.

When we look at stories like this, it’s a reminder of the incredible ways God works through people. Sometimes, divine intervention comes in the form of skilled professionals who are in the right place at the right time.

It’s inspiring to see how these nurses’ quick thinking and compassion brought about a miracle. We should all remember that God places us where we need to be to fulfill His purpose.

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