Talented Pianist Turns ‘Oceans’ Into An Epic Movie Soundtrack

It was pure joy when famous pianist YoungMin You performed a classical cover of Hillsong UNITED’s hit song, ‘Oceans (Where Feet May Fail).’

For the performance, he placed the grand piano on a beautiful frozen lake.

YoungMin You began playing the piano at the tender age of 7 years, even though his parents couldn’t afford lessons, he would watch YouTube videos to learn the piano on his own.

This talented man is using his God-given talent to give glory to the Lord.

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Bonnie Robinson

Amazing talent that expresses the love of an amazing God!! Blessings!

Kimberly Kau

Aloha from Hawaii.

Simply beautiful!
Thank you for your breathtaking performance.
I too play the piano, and started playing at the tender age of 7, so I really enjoyed your performance.

God bless!!!

Johnnie Iguess

I am sure it is just me, but I do not understand why a beautiful piano was put out in the middle of a snow field. Doesn’t the pianist know that is not good for the keys. I would have listened at him, had he been inside a building. From now on if people are playing especially a Piano outside, I will not listen.

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