Police Officer Routinely Passes Out Snacks To Kids In Low-Income Area

One Las Vegas police officer is going above and beyond for his community by routinely handing out snacks to kids in low-income area.


Samuel Wittwer is ‘the officer with the snacks’ for the children in his patrol area, they run towards him, and not away when he enters there. He is proving that not all police officers are bad and says the best part of his job is to feed the hungry kids once or twice a week.

He passes on the Lunchables to kids in an apartment complex near Maryland Parkway and Twain. He says, “It’s a good feeling going to these areas that used to be really rough for us to respond to,” says Wittwer. “Now I look forward to it because I can see these kids.”

Wittwer’s act of kindness for those children is hoping to make a small difference in the neighborhoods which have a food insecurity problem as well as a high crime rate too.

Wittwer started passing out snacks at the start of the pandemic, two years ago and is still continuing to do so. “It was hard for parents to go to stores and get food, things were short,” he says. “So the need was very high during that time.”

Wittwer is a father of three himself and understands how much these things can impact a family in need. “Every kid is a good kid,” he says. “They just have a rough situation sometimes.”

Wittwer is not alone now and is getting help from corporate sponsors- Target department stores who are helping to provide these free snacks. He has also been recognized by Resorts World and was awarded the “good ticket” award, which is given to LVMPD officers for exceptional service and includes a stay at the resort. He says, “l haven’t had much of a vacation, it’ll be nice to go out there and have a good time.”

Meanwhile, Cheyenne Leevy an apartment resident says about Wittwer’s passing out snacks, “l think it’s awesome.” The mother-of-four who has four kids says her children always look forward to the officers’ visit. “It’s from the heart,” says Leevy. “My kids never get anything from the police that’s free.”

The children gather around Wittwer as soon as they spy him near their locality and within 30 minutes, the Lunchables are gone. They know that he’ll be back again with more snacks later. “Welcome to the neighborhood!” he says when he meets a family who’s just moved in.

What a beautiful way to touch the hearts and minds of the people in his patrol area, Wittwer is an example of a good cop who cares and loves his community by being the hands and feet of Jesus there.

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