Atlanta Police Officer Gives Barefoot Man A Pair of Shoes: ‘She Saw A Person With A Need And Did So’

An Atlanta police officer has gone above and beyond by donating a barefoot homeless man a pair of shoes.

officer gives man shoes

Officer Thomas says she saw the man walking around without shoes. She asked him if he wanted socks and shoes, he said, yes.

A video of the police officer donating the shoes to the man has gone viral and gotten a lot of attention after it was shared on social media.

Atlanta Police Department, Officer S Thomas said she saw the man walking around without shoes on out in the rain.

police officer gives man shoes

She went to get him some shoes but when she returned, he was gone. She then carried the shoes in the trunk of her car just in case she saw him later.

Later while working an extra job at a grocery store, she saw him outside and went to her car to get the shoes.

A Facebook post from the Atlanta Police Department said that Thomas didn’t know she was being filmed during her act of kindness. “Officer Thomas saw a person with a need that she could fill and did so.”

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