Police Makes Sure An 8-Year-Old Has The Best First Day At School

One student at James Lewis Elementary Students in the Blue Springs School District had a fantastic day thanks to some kind Blue Springs Police officers.

Brecken Simmons, recently made national headlines in the summer when proceeds from his lemonade stand went to the Blue Springs Police Department as a way to say thank you to them.

His small stand had made a whopping profit of $3,494 but he decided to donate it to the police department which made a huge impact not only on them but the entire community.

Sgt. Jeff Sargent said that Simmons’ lemonade stand brought the entire community, metro, and almost the whole country together to support the police officers efforts.

So the police officers decided to give it back to him by giving him a ride on the first day of school in the Blue Springs Police Department D.A.R.E. Mustang.

Brecken was treated to a special ride through Blue Springs and this 8 year old was made to feel special and was over the moon.

As soon as his school was in sight, Brecken flipped on the lights and the siren. The police dropped him off in the coolest car at his school. Indeed what a way to start school.

It has come to light that through all this, Brecken has been fighting for his life with a stage two brain tumor.

The Blue Springs Police Department say they will stand with him the entire way of his fight.