Inspiring Christian Hymn ‘On The Sea Of Life’ Cover By The Redeemed Quartet

The promise of eternal life with Christ is a central theme of Christianity, and it is beautifully expressed in the classic hymn “On the Sea of Life,” performed by The Redeemed Quartet. This classic hymn reminds us that our time on earth is temporary but we have an everlasting life with Christ.


The first verse of the hymn describes leaving behind the trials and tribulations of life on earth and sailing towards a better home. This new home is a place where those who have accepted Christ as their Savior reside, and it is filled with many pleasures that await us. The chorus of the hymn speaks of the journey towards this new home and the hope that sustains us as we sail onward.

We are on the sea of life
Sailing to a better home
Where the saved of all the earth shall abide
Leaving all our trials here, many pleasures wait us there
When we cross the foam and reach the other side

The second verse of the hymn emphasizes the vastness of this new home, which has room for millions of redeemed pilgrims. The vessel that carries us to this new home is captained by Christ himself, and there is room for all who heed his call.

What makes this hymn particularly beautiful is the way it is performed by The Redeemed Quartet. The four group members blend their voices expertly, creating a literal harmony that resonates with the soul.

Many millions now abide in that home beyond the tide
Where the ransomed pilgrims wait free from care
There is room on board for all who will hear the captains call
And take ship for heaven’s country bright and fair

“On the Sea of Life” is a hymn that speaks to the hope that is available to us as believers in Christ. The beautiful harmonies of The Redeemed Quartet serve to enhance the message of hope and promise contained in this classic hymn. As we sail onward through the trials of life, may we be comforted by the knowledge that we are headed towards a better home with Christ.


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