Rescue Video Of Stranded Orca In Argentina Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

This video has been raking up a lot of views online and why not, this is an amazing rescue story of a stranded Orca.

The Orca became stranded at a beach in Nueva Atlantis, Argentina but thanks to the brave members of the Fundacion Mundo Marino, an Argentine Naval Prefecture as well as the Civil Defence who took part in the 20-hour long gruelling rescue effort.

The rescuers spent an entire evening at the cold and windy beach all the while keeping the Orca’s blowhole out of the water so that it would not drown in the water.

They could not lift the Orca back into the water without machines which would arrive only the following morning.

However, the workers were united in mind to help the Orca, and they all were able to pass a stretcher under the heavy Orca and guide her back into the sea.

It was a tough time for all the workers but when they saw the Orca released and going off into the sea, that brought tremendous happiness to them.

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