Orchestra Serenades World Famous Musician Hours Before His Death

When internationally acclaimed musician Richard Gill was on his death bed, more than 70 musicians came together to play outside the window of his room.

Richard Gill of Australia, was named as a “musical evangelist” for his efforts in keeping music as a subject to be taught in school, so that every child could have opportunity to experience and love music.

This world famous music conductor was in a battle with cancer, and so when his colleague heard that he was in his last days, they jumped into action and organised overnight on social media, a musical send off for him.

The orchestra comprised of world-renowned musicians and with the permission from Gill’s family, they gathered with their instruments and stands, right in front of his family home.

As they began to play Gill’s favourite pieces, including a rendition of “The Dam Buster’s March”, the family opened up the doors and windows of the home, so that he could hear and enjoy the piece played live one last time. The local NSW Police Band too joined in while on their way to another gig!

The orchestra enthralled again with another of his favourites, “Waltzing Matilda” during their street concert.

Richard Gill passed away a few hours the next morning after the orchestra had serenaded him.

This was the most perfect way to send off a musical legend, may his soul rest in peace.

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