Young Man Shares Heartfelt Social Media Post About Choosing Life And Saying No To Abortion

A heartwrenching story of a young man who struggled with addiction, rehab, and fatherhood is bringing hope to young people everywhere.


A user with a handle YungNLeveraged shared his personal story on social media, “When I found out I was having a kid I was 22, addicted to drugs, in and out of rehab with no place to live,” he wrote.

“Everyone said we should get an abortion,” he wrote. “I’m really glad I didn’t listen.” He was having a kid at a really young age and he was addicted to drugs, in and out of rehab with no place to live. “Everyone said we should get an abortion.” The man shared a screenshot of a message between himself and his son, which read “goodnight dad love you” and “Love you too my man.”

He continued his tweet, “I entered rehab for the last time 2 days after he was born and never went back,” he continued in a follow-up tweet. “Kid completely changed my life.” He wrote, “When he was 8 I still didn’t have any money but managed to save up enough to take him to Disney World. Was just me and him. Best buds.”

He shared a picture of himself and his son standing in front of the famous Cinderella Castle. “So I just wanted to say that I feel like the luckiest man in the world,” he concluded. “Thanks for listening.” Another image showed a picture-perfect family with the sunset behind them.

Many Twitter users erupted in praise for the young man and his life story and also shared their own stories about how they chose life. “No one wanted me to have him but me,” wrote one commenter, sharing a video of her baby. “His biological father still has never met him but my current boyfriend wants to adopt him. He is LOVE.”

“Stuff brings me to tears,” wrote a third. “I was an alcoholic druggie in tons of debt. Completely quit drinking and using the day my son was born and been building a little pile of money for my family ever since. Needless to say everyone recommended abortion or abandonment. Literally everyone.”

It must have been a very difficult decision for the young man at 22 years of age to become a father and accept his responsibilities, but we have a great big God who is a present help in every situation.


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