13-Year-Old Girl Bursts Into Tears Of Joy After Discovering Mom Is Pregnant

Alicia Capello, the mom of two had a big news to share with her kids 13-year-old daughter Alexa, and 4-year-old son Nicholas. So Alicia and her husband Anthony found a best idea to surprise them. The specially made shirts for each of the kids. They put it in a gift bag and gave it to their children. When Alexa opened her shirt, it read “Biggest 2003”, and she found nothing special in it because she’s always been the oldest. But when her little brother opened the shirt, it read “Middlest 2012”, she became a little confused. It was then their mom and dad gave them the third shirt that said “Littlest 2018”, and Alexa discovered that she was getting another sibling. The huge surprise moved Alexa to tears and her reaction just melted my heart.

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