Singing Parrot Mimics Beyoncé With ‘If I Was A Boy’

A video of a 9-year-old crowned Amazon parrot, Chico, singing a rendition of Beyonce’s ‘If I Were A Boy’ has gone viral. The Tropical South American native can clearly repeat a human voice in a clear way and usually live up to 100 years of age.


Chico lives at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park and is a great entertainer to all those who visit the Boston sanctuary since he arrived 18 months ago. Recently a clip of him singing Beyonce’s ‘If I Were A Boy’ has gone viral since it was uploaded on Facebook by the park, with more than 100,000 views.

Chico hits all the right notes as he sings the 2008 hit. The parrot has also sung ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga, ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry, and ‘You Drive Me Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley. Lincolnshire Wildlife Park CEO Steve Nichols, joked, “Who’d have ever thought that a parrot would cause social distancing problems due to being so popular?”

Watch: Parrot Sings Beyoncé’s Hit Song Like A Pro

Visitor, Graham Gardner, said, “People can’t get enough of him, there’s always a line of people waiting to see him—it’s like he’s an actual pop star at times… He’ll just break into song randomly and it leaves people in hysterics. He’s actually got a very good voice,” Graham explained, saying, “Maybe Simon Cowell might get in touch, you never know.”

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