Pastor Stands Against School Board Over ‘Perverted’ Library Book

A vocal North Carolina pastor, Reverend John Amanchukwu, has boldly spoken out against the inclusion of a sexually explicit book in school libraries during a heated Asheville City School Board of Education meeting, challenging its ‘woke’ perspectives on diversity and inclusion.

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The controversial book at the heart of the discourse is “It’s Perfectly Normal,” widely described as a sexual health guide for families. Amanchukwu vehemently referred to this text as “hardcore porn” that “glorifies masturbation while speaking against religion,” during an appearance on “Fox & Friends First.”

“If you don’t want to hear it in a school board meeting, why should children be able to check it out of the school system?” Amanchukwu posed to the board after they interrupted him as he tried to read a passage from the book to illustrate his concerns. He lambasted the board members for endorsing a material that, in his view, was perverting the innocence of children under the guise of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Further, Amanchukwu expressed his deep concern over the book’s usage, deeming it “a tool to create what I call mental rape in the hearts and the minds of children.” He insisted, “We are robbing kids of their innocence in America as we allow diversity, inclusion and equity to dominate our schools.”

Addressing the broader concern associated with the book, Amanchukwu argued that the need for educators to push the “issue of acceptance” often blurred the lines on what was age-appropriate material in the classroom. He underscored the significance of keeping such controversial sexual-related topics as family discussions, stating, “parents should talk about these things at home.”

The Asheville City School Board responded by reminding parents of their federal rights to inspect all instructional and supplementary materials part of any federally funded programs. However, the board’s response doesn’t mitigate the issue’s gravity, nor does it alleviate the sense of concern that many parents share.

Amanchukwu raised the alarm over far-left gender ideology infiltrating their children’s classrooms and the sinister methods employed to keep explicit material in school libraries.

As a man of faith, Amanchukwu sees this as part of a more significant issue that’s plaguing the nation, calling it “sinister”, “criminal”, and “child abuse”. His view on the initiatives of diversity, inclusion, and equity is expressed starkly as well. Instead of the commonly known acronym D.E.I., he calls it D.I.E, stating, “With diversity, inclusion, and equity, it brings about death.”

He also took aim at the current state of American education, stating, “America is spiraling downward… Our children are underperforming… Our achievement rates are down…It’s time to get back to education and not indoctrination.”

His warning serves as a call to arms for parents across the nation: “Parents, you can’t let your guard down for one second,” Rev. Amanchukwu warned. The pastor cautions that explicit content and controversial ideologies have the potential to pervert the school environment, fundamentally shifting the focus away from education.

Through his candid confrontation of a systemic issue, Rev. Amanchukwu offers a poignant reminder of the importance of maintaining the sanctity of childhood. His stand represents a heartfelt plea for society to guard the innocence of our children — a plea grounded in his Christian faith and his firm belief in the inherent value of every child.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

WATCH: Pastor John Amanchukwu Fights Against Explicit Library Book

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