Two Talented 6-Year-Old Kids Wow The Crowd With Piano Performance

Kids usually spend time on their gadgets nowadays. This might not be true for these two talented 6-year-old kids who played the piano like a pro. It seemed that they had spent numerous hours rehearsing to be able to play this well!


A crowd gathered around these boys who played the piano excellently. They were at California’s Broadway Plaza. The young guys played beautiful music using a colorful public street piano. The first child played several notes, and later on, the other one jumped in to play a beautiful harmony with him.

It was interesting to notice that the talented boys knew the notes by heart. A music sheet was nowhere to be found. They just played as if their hands were programmed to press the right keys. The latter joined from time to time to play a duet with the former.

The people were in awe of their excellent talent. They could not help but record videos of these “Grandmasters” in the making. If you keep your eyes closed and listen to them, you’ll think that a professional adult is playing.

Their video was uploaded on YouTube and now has more than 100k views. Guess we can never underestimate the greatness in young people. Let’s be the first to spot the potentials they have and cultivate them. May we be the first to believe and encourage them to be what the Lord wants them to be.

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