Airlines Captain Ordered 40 Pizzas For Passengers After Flight Got Diverted

Nobody likes flight delays, especially if there is a long haul and shortage of food, unless your plane captain is American Airlines Pilot Jeff Raines.

Recently a flight was delayed by four hours or longer, and the airlines brought out some sad snacks including crushed Cheez-Its, mini Oreos, etc. The American Airlines pilot then decided to order food but on a much larger scale.

Jeff wrote in a message on Facebook, “My First Officer was on the telephone with crew tracking/hotel desk arranging for our release and hotels for the entire crew. The Flight Attendants manned a galley cart from the aircraft serving waters, juice, and sodas to all the passengers in the terminal. All while the Envoy SPS Personnel were arranging for a bus, re-booking flights, and answering a flurry of questions from these passengers. Thanks to everyone for your help—there is no “I” in TEAM.”
Hope we also catch a flight with Jeff Raines as the pilot.

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