Pitbull Terrier Has Hilarious Reaction To Seeing Little Brother For The First Time

None of us liked our siblings at the beginning, and neither does this cute Pitbull Terrier.


This only child is reacting and being jealous when his mother introduced him to his new brother.

Dyson, the Pitbull Terrier sees his little brother for the first time and he is feeling weird.

He must be having so many questions in his mind about the little champ and that explains his funny looks.

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CJ Woosnam

The adult dog shows the behaviors of “moon eye” and “lip licking.” These often are a prelude to a bite in a dog. This is not cute. The right thing to do is to slowly move away from a dog that is doing that. What the author of this article seems to think is a funny face is actually a signal of possible violence. Teeth baring and snarling usually don’t occur in this kind of behavior pattern, a bite is very likely once the moon eye and lip licking are observed.


Pit Bulls are the best dogs. They love to snuggle and cuddle and love to freely give kisses. And the Pittie has the best funniest zoomies!

Adopt a Pit Bull from a shelter. The Pittie is the most misunderstood breed. They are nothing like what they are portrayed as in the media! Watch Pittie Nation on YouTube you will be pleasantly surprised!

Dennis Hardin

Big dog is ready to bite, protect the pup.

PItty Owner

The comments above are posted by fear mongers. The owners know how to read their dog’s behavior (or obviously this would not have been posted). Being vocal or even slightly anxious about the strange thing next to him is does not necessarily mean a bite or another risk is imminent. Being vocal is NOT snarling. Mouth opening is NOT teeth baring. I’d suggest CJ and Dennis slowly move away from ignorant comments.


It seems cute from a human perspective but from a dog behavior perspective these are nervous behavior and warning signs or aggression.

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