Squirrel Knocks On Family’s Window Everyday, 8 Years Later They Realizes What She Wants

Bella the squirrel still loves her human family who saved her 8 years ago and never wanted to leave them because she knows she owes her life to them! This squirrel has gotten so comfortable with the family that her caring mom Brantley has even started dressing her up in teeny tiny hats!

family squirrel

This cute Squirrel Bella had a rough start to life as she was attacked by an owl when she was just one month old and left to die in the woods. A wildfire rescue group rescued her and brought her in to Harrison’s family home and under the care of Brantley Harrison Bella has regained her health to normal!

However they had to restore Bella into the wild so they never treated her like a pet and acted no different than other! Harrisons release Bella into the wild in the warm weather to spread her wings in the wild and become a wild squirrel! But she had already formed a special bond with the family. Bella started coming back to visit them daily and they soon realized that she really wanted to live with them!

Now the Harrison’s family is blessed to meet even Bella’s babies which she gave birth at their house and this little creature is very much part of their sweet home!


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