Pizza Delivery Guy Treats Family With His Piano Playing Skills

Ordering Pizza for most of us, is an ordinary thing to do, but when your pizza delivery man turns out to be a talented Pianist, then it becomes extraordinary.

The Varchetti family in Shelby Township, Michigan, experienced a once in a lifetime impromptu piano performance thanks to their pizza delivery guy.

Julie Varchetti says that her husband and kids were at home when he ordered a pizza from Hungry Howie’s. She says she was awestruck when her husband sent her a video of the delivery guy playing their rarely-used piano.

According to Varchetti, her husband noticed the teen delivery guy admiring the piano, and he then asked if him he wanted to try it. The talented teen played it like a pro and surprised Mr Varchetti with his hidden talent, he was so impressed that he could not resist taking a video of him and sending it to his wife.

She put up the video on social media and now the whole world has seen the talented 18-year-old Bryce Dudal. He is a self-taught pianist who is about to start his freshman year of college, and is playing the piano for the last 11 years.

Dudal’s fame has since spread, and once again he has found himself playing the piano at the Varchetti’s, being filmed by the local station WXYZ-TV. He told the station that playing the piano was a big stress buster in his life, especially when he would play Beethoven or Mozart.

Dudal’s piano video has earned him a lot of recognition and fame among its viewers and he has started taking his piano playing talent seriously now. He hopes to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to the millions in this world.

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Johnnie Iguess
Johnnie Iguess

WOW, what talent.. You go guy.


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