5 Kids Safe and Sound: Thanks to Heroic Police Dog

In Michigan, a police dog named Kuno and his handler, Deputy Eric Calhoun, have found five lost children in seven years. Their latest rescue was a three-year-old boy who had left his home in Michigan.

police dog Kuno

The little boy had pushed out a window screen and wandered off wearing only a diaper.

Deputy Calhoun and Kuno, an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois, arrived at the boy’s home about 30 minutes after he was reported missing around 4:00 PM. They found a footprint near the house. This clue led them to a body of water less than a mile away. There, they found the boy 50 yards from the water.

Drone operators from South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES) spotted the boy at the same time. A deputy picked up the crying boy and comforted him. He was cold and had a few scratches.

WATCH: Police Dog Kuno Saves 3-Year-Old Boy

Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbott praised Kuno. He said, “I’ll be here 32 years next week. I’ve never heard of a canine recovering multiple kids throughout its career.” Deputy Calhoun is dedicated to Kuno’s training. They have a strong bond.

“The bond between me and K-9 Kuno is somewhat unbearable. It’s kind of like having another kid,” Deputy Calhoun said. Kuno is part of his family and works with him for 12 hours a day. Kuno will retire at the end of May.

This was the fifth child Kuno and Calhoun have found. Kuno has been with the sheriff’s office since 2017. Sheriff Abbott said Calhoun wants Kuno to be the best dog in Michigan, if not the nation.

The rescue had a “good positive ending,” according to Sheriff Abbott. The boy could have been in danger if he had reached the water. He returned home safe.

This story shows how important police dogs like Kuno are in finding lost children and keeping communities safe.

WATCH: Police Dog Kuno Saves the Lives of 5 Missing Kids

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