Students Rally for Beloved Security Guard Who Hadn’t Seen His Family in 11 Years

James, the cherished overnight security guard at Providence College’s Raymond Hall, hadn’t seen his family in Nigeria for 11 years.

providence college students help security guard

When the students of Providence College learned about this, they saw it as an opportunity to show their gratitude and affection. They decided to bring James closer to his family, emotionally and physically.

James is more than a security guard. To the students of Raymond Hall, he is family. His warm smiles and open heart make the dorm feel like home. “James is without a doubt the best security guard here at Providence College,” a statement from the GoFundMe page reads. He works tirelessly through the night, offering greetings and conversations, and expressing his joy in his role.

The students learned about James’s long separation from his family. They couldn’t stand by and do nothing. “Once we learned that James had not seen his family in over a decade, that is what kickstarted this for us,” said freshman Brandon Reichert. The sentiment was clear: James was one of their own, and it was time to take care of him.

With a goal to reunite James with his family, the students started a GoFundMe campaign. They aimed for $3,500 but were blown away as donations poured in, eventually raising more than $27,000. “He does not know how much we appreciate him, and we hope that this shows to him how much he means to our community,” Reichert shared on the campaign page.

The big reveal was a moment of pure joy. The students gathered to tell James he would be visiting his family in Nigeria. Daniel Singh, a resident assistant, summed it up perfectly: “We take care of our own. That’s what we do at PC.”

Let us remember, God calls us to love and care for each other as one family. This story shows us the power of unity and compassion in action.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.” – Galatians 6:2

WATCH: Students Surprise Beloved Security Guard Who Hadn’t Seen His Family in 11 Years

@lkquinnco please stop and take the time to watch and share this amazing display of unrelenting kindness and humanity at its best. now time for MY BRAGGING- My best friend Jess Reichert son Brandon is the most incredibly kind, thoughtful and generous soul. (Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) I am once again blown away by Brandon’s God Given gift of always doing the right thing and recognizing what is truly important in this world- LOVE and KINDNESS. Brandon started a Gofundme for his overnight security guard James at his dorm building at Providence College. James has been wanting to visit his family in Nigeria for a long time, and Brandon along with all of the amazing students on his floor at PC began to raise money for James to get him home. Today they presented him with the trip. This act of kindness shows us all, that we are more alike than not. Brandon’s ability to always do the right thing and lead, show compassion and gratitude has been a highlight of my life watching him grow up into the amazing young man he is. On that note, I want to give Jess Reichert all the respect in the world for raising this boy as a SINGLE MOTHER and shaping him to be everything he is. For the countless sacrifices she has and continues to make and the obstacles she endures to make sure he has every opportunity to continue on his path we all could learn from as parents. This is also your payoff Jessie, everything that boy is, is ALL because of you! I al so proud to be your friend! I love you both so much!!! Let’s keep this going with a share! @wcvb5 @wpri12 @therhodeshow @abc6providence @channelkindness @thekindnessrocksproject #belikeBrandon #providenceCollege #gofundme #goviral #pcfriars #kindnessmatters ♬ original sound – Leah Quinn