Officer Responds To Fire Incident And Saves His Own Family

Even as the results are not clear about the election and as the protest continues over police brutality, the cops continue to do their work showing people that all officers shouldn’t be judged the same.

An Oklahoma cop is being called a ‘hero’ after he helped save his entire family from a fire accident after responding to a call about a fire and realizing that it was his own house burning.


Brave act

Officer Anthony Louie of the Seminole Police Department, east of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, responded to reports of a house fire in the early morning hours on Nov. 13. according to a Facebook post by Seminole FOP Lodge 138, the Fraternal Order of Police in the region.

When he arrived on the scene he found his own house on fire with his family still inside the home. “Officer Louie made entry into the residence and successfully rescued his family,” said the Seminole FOP. “Upon entering the residence he had to run through the flame engulfed porch and in doing so sustained serious burns and smoke inhalation injuries. Officer Louie’s family was not physically injured due to his bravery and quick action.”

Many people in the area reached out to the department in support of Louise and were interested in helping his family with donations after his brave act. Louie and his family’s condition is not yet known and the cause of the fire has not yet been announced. “The overwhelming support received for Officer Louie has been amazing and his family and fellow officers wish to thank each and every person for their thoughts and prayers,” said Seminole FOP Lodge 138’s post on Facebook.


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