Police Officer Calms Anxious 7-Year-Old Boy After Mom Was Pulled Over For Over Speeding

A mom was pulled over by the cops for over speeding, which unsettled her 7-year-old son suffering from anxiety disorder.

Jacob Hudson, is a young boy who has PANDAS-pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders which is caused by streptococcal infections.

His mom, Adrianne Hudson, was pulled over by police officers for speeding in McKinney, Texas says that she usually doesn’t drive in McKinney at night, and it was pretty dark and she didn’t pay attention to the speed at which she was driving at.

It was then that Officer Adam Hamilton of the McKinney Police Department stopped her and told her to come out of the car.

She was worried about Jacob in the back seat, because the bright lights and blaring siren were too much for Jacob.

But it turned out that the officer was very understanding of Jacob’s situation and told him not to be afraid and asked him if he liked police cars.

He calmed him although he did not know Jacob had a disability.

Hudson really appreciates Hamilton because he could have just done his duty like other cops, given her a ticket and left, but she says that he went above and beyond to get the child out of the situation.

Hudson has shared the incident on Facebook which has gone viral and the McKinney Police Department also posted about Jacob and Hamilton’s bond along with an invitation to the Hudsons’ to visit the police department.

After this incident, Jacob is very fond of the police department and has even expressed his desire to have a police-themed birthday party to his mother.

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