Blind Woman Pleading for Help Receives Heartless Response, Then a Police Officer Steps In To Save Her Day

It was a usual day at Newark Penn Station when a commuter witnessed a scene that became a heartening story of kindness.

police officer helps blind woman

A blind woman found herself in need, seeking assistance from an agency employee. Regrettably, the response she got was a dismissive “That’s not my job.” This uncaring reply might have marked an unfortunate end to her plea if not for the timely intervention of NJ Transit police officer Sean Gallagher.

Instead of passing by, officer Gallagher walked over to the woman. “I walked over and asked her ‘what’s wrong how can I help you?’ and I immediately noticed her eyes were closed,” Gallagher recounted. Her needs were simple – she required aid in procuring food and coffee as she was feeling faint.

Upon understanding her situation and needs, Officer Gallagher offered her his arm and guided her through the busy station. Together, they made their way to secure her food and coffee, all the while engaged in friendly conversation.

officer helps blind woman

Following their trip to the Dunkin Donuts store, the woman expressed her deep gratitude to Gallagher, highlighting the profound effect his actions had on her day. This simple act of aid reflects a spirit of compassion and empathy often missing in our fast-paced lives.

NJ Transit Police highlighted this act saying, “Even a small gesture can make a positive difference in someone’s day.”

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.” – Proverbs 19:17


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What a very kind man this police officer was. How amazing that her need was met by a loving person who was generous . Thankyou, you truly understand what it means to Protect and Serve!

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